Our Menus

We provide a balanced and nutritional menu to encourage all children’s health and wellbeing, as part of the Local Authority’s Healthy Schools Programme.

Menus are on a three week rolling programme:

Special Menus

Special Theme Day Menus are created to celebrate particular occasions, such as Eat with Your Child, World Book Day, Christmas and International Days. Children can choose to have a Special Theme Dinner, even if they do not usually have school dinners.

Snacks are also available for all children during morning break. For Key Stage 1, there is fruit and milk/ juice. For Key Stage 2, there is a snack shop where children can purchase an assortment of goods such as toast, bagels and crumpets. We even have bacon sandwiches on Friday as a special treat!


The cost per day for School Dinners is £2.25, which must be paid in advance on Parent Pay. Snacks range from 20p to £1.20.

Infant Snack

These need to be paid for on Parent Pay, please pay the exact amount

  • Juice 30 pence
  • Milk 19 pence
  • Fruit 31 pence
  • Juice and Fruit bowl 60 pence
  • Milk and Fruit 49 pence

Junior Snack

Please pay cash on the day

  • Juice 30 pence
  • Milk 19 pence
  • Fruit 30 pence
  • Toast 20 pence
  • Cheesy Toast 40 pence
  • 1/2 Bagel 25 pence
  • Full Bagel 50 pence
  • 1/2 Bacon Sandwich 60 pence
  • Fruit Bag 30 pence
  • Drinking Chocolate 30 pence

Packed Lunches

If your child does not want to participate in School Dinners, they will be accommodated in the school hall to eat their packed lunch with the other children.

Feedback from the children

  • “I love having school dinners, especially the roast dinners on a Wednesday. Yummy!”
  • “I look forward to bacon sandwiches on a Friday!”
  • “I enjoyed the Christmas turkey! It was nice to have a school dinner for a change.”

Food hygiene rating

Food hygiene rating is '5': Very good