School Uniform

School uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of the school and setting an appropriate tone. It instils pride, supports positive behaviour and protects children from social pressures to dress in a particular way. Above all, we believe that appropriate school uniform supports effective teaching and learning. This policy has been developed by staff, in conjunction with the School Council.


In order to maintain a strong sense of identity, children are required to wear school uniform at all times. Below are the official school uniform garments for Lower Peover CE School, the uniform consists of:

Girl’s Winter Uniform
  • Pale blue blouse and school tie or pale blue (sky) polo shirt with logo
  • Navy blue pullover, sweatshirt or cardigan with logo
  • Plain grey skirt, trousers or pinafore dress
  • Grey tights/socks
  • Black or Navy shoes
  • School Fleece with logo
  • Reversible waterproof/ fleece school coat with logo
Girl’s Summer Uniform
  • Light blue check Gingham check dress
  • White Socks
  • Black or navy Shoes
Girl’s PE Kit
  • Navy Shorts
  • White T shirt
  • Black Pumps
Boy’s Winter Uniform
  • Pale blue shirt and school tie or pale blue (sky) polo shirt with logo
  • Navy blue V neck pullover or sweatshirt with logo
  • Grey trousers
  • Grey socks
  • Black Shoes
  • School Fleece with logo
  • Reversible waterproof/ fleece coat with logo
Boys’ Summer Uniform
  • Light blue (sky) polo shirt with logo
  • Grey trousers or shorts
  • Grey socks
  • Black shoes
Boy’s PE Kit
  • Navy shorts
  • White T shirt
  • Black pumps

All clothes, shoes and lunch boxes must be named. P.E. clothes should be kept in a small drawstring bag. Please do not send your child to school with a large sports type bag as space in the cloakrooms is at a premium.

Where to get your childs uniform

Many high street retailers stock the items detailed in the Uniform section above. Here are some examples:


Pupils are not to wear jewellery to school, especially as individuals can become very upset if a treasured piece of jewellery goes missing. Pupils should only wear stud earrings, there should be no tattoos or any other body piercings. Earrings must be taped over during PE lessons.

Watches may be worn to schools but must be removed and handed to the teacher for safekeeping before any PE lesson. Please note that the school will not take responsibility for any watches that are lost.


Pupils should wear black shoes, not trainers. Boots may be worn in bad weather but KS2 children must change into shoes when indoors.

Make Up

No make up or nail varnish should be worn.


Hair should be neat and tidy and worn with no extremes of style or colour. Long hair should be tied back for reasons of health and safety.


No medicine should be brought into school by a child, with the exception of inhalers for asthma.  Parents must complete a Medical Permission Form if any prescribed medication needs to be administered in school.  Safe storage of any prescribed medicines, in school, will be provided and administered by a qualified member of staff.


Mobile phones and other electronic equipment should not be brought into school.  They are not permitted.

Please note that the school will not take responsibility for any phones or gadgets that are lost.

No knives or sharp blades should be brought into school under any circumstances.