Year 6 – Curriculum (Teacher Mr Haslam)

Welcome back to your final year at Lower Peover, I hope you all had a fantastic summer holiday and that you are feeling refreshed and raring to go! I am really looking forward to teaching you all this year!

As you are now Year 6 you will be faced with many new challenges and responsibilities, which I know you will all work hard to succeed in. We will obviously have important challenges such as SATs and the transition to high school, but rest assured that as a class we will work together to make these experiences fun and exciting!

We have some fantastic themes to study in Year 6. Firstly, we will start with ‘The Aztecs & Mayan civilisations’, where we will look at their way of life and traditions; be warned – some of them are a little gruesome! Next, we will be looking at Shakespeare, with a particular focus on the play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. This is a fantastic play with lots of opportunities for creative writing, art and drama. After Christmas, our theme will be ‘Dreams’. We will use a wonderful book to inspire us with our work!

During the Easter term, our topic ‘River Deep, Mountain High’ will be where we begin our SATs Grammar & Punctuation revision through a really exciting book – soon to be revealed. We will be learning all about the key aspects of rivers, mountains and the water cycle.

Our last term is a very busy one, beginning with one of our new themes – London. We will also be learning about ‘The Industrial Age’, where we will choose an aspect of local History to investigate in our own project.

Finally, we will also have our school production, our leavers service at Chester Cathedral, our school leavers service, and of course … PGL!

I look forward to seeing you all in September!

Curriculum Overview

Year 6 Autumn Term 1 Autumn Term 2 Spring Term 1 Spring Term 2 Summer Term 1 Summer Term 2
Theme Aztec and Mayan Civilisation Shakespeare Dreams River Deep, Mountain High London The Industrial Age (Local History Project)
RE Christian and Jewish Beliefs and Values Charity and Christmas The Five Pillars of Islam Life of Jesus Faith in Everyday Life Islam – Life of Muhammad
Science Human Circulatory System Diet & Exercise Evolution & Inheritance Classifying Living Things Light Electricity
Art & DT Print Drawing Painting 3D Collage Textiles
ICT E-Safety Coding Starter Unit
Creating Multimedia, Graphics and Animation
Coding – more complex variables Creating Text and Pictures Handling Data (Research, DTP, Graphics) Coding – object  properties
P.E. Invasion Games (Hockey & Football)
Gymnastics-Matching, Mirroring & Contrasting
Net, Court, Wall Games
Gymnastics-Synchronisation & Canon
Striking and fielding games
Dance Units 1 & 2
Invasion Games (Netball, Basketball & Rugby)
Dance Units 3 & 4
Gymnastics-Holes & Barriers, Counterbalances & Counter tension
Sports Day Practice

Year 6 – Term Curriculum Newsletter

For a more detailed view of the Year 6 curriculum coverage please download the following PDF

Compare4KidsYear 6 SATs

General Class Information

  • Pens: Please make sure you have a black roller ball pen
  • P.E: Will be Monday and Tuesday. Please bring appropriate kit
  • Drinks: Please make sure you child has a water bottle for drinking during the day
  • Coats: Please bring your coats and wellies for outdoor play in the winter months.


Year 6 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Spelling  –  –  –  – Tested and new spellings set
Spelling, Grammar, Reading rotation Reading Comprehension handed out  – Reading Comprehension handed in
Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar homework handed out
 – Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar homework handed in
Numeracy  Handed in  –  – Handed out

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