Year 5 – Curriculum (Teacher Mr Thomas)

Hello and welcome to year 5.

I hope you have had a wonderful summer and are ready for the fun and challenge of Year 5. As most of you know, I’m Mr Thomas. You were my first class here at Lower Peover and I can’t wait to be impressed by how far you’ve all come since then. We have some tremendous topics to dive into and I know you will love learning all about them!

We will begin with Ancient Greece, discovering their influence on our world today and studying the lives and achievements of their real and mythical heroes. Then we will launch into Outer Space as, in our Exploration topic, we learn about the Sun, Earth and other bodies in our solar system. After Christmas we will return to the Ancient World to learn about the Egyptians. We will find out how they used the great river Nile and the land around it to accomplish some of their incredible achievements. Next we will pack our sun-cream, hiking boots and Geography hats as we journey around the Earth to deserts and tropical lands. Our first topic of the summer term will be based around a novel, Street Child, and will help us to understand the monarchy and main events of that era. Finally, we will dust off our travelling bags once again to learn about living in different countries, focusing on Europe and the USA and developing our understanding of the key physical and human characteristics of some countries and major cities (and maybe making some delicious gumbo!).

We will be joined through the week by Coach Dave, Mrs Court and Madame Hay to continue developing our PE, Music and French skills. Weekly Maths homework will be set using My Maths and there will also be a spelling test each week.

I feel privileged to have you all in my class again and I’m confident that we will have lots of fun and achieve great things together this year.

See you all soon!

Curriculum Overview

Year 5 Autumn Term 1 Autumn Term 2 Spring Term 1 Spring Term 2 Summer Term 1 Summer Term 2
Theme Ancient Greece Exploration (Earth, space and planets) Ancient Egypt Deserts and tropical lands of the World Street Child (The Victorians) Living in different countries (Europe and USA)
RE Pilgrimage The Impact of Jesus Pentecost Sacred texts Judaism – Places of Worship Life of Mohammad
Science Types of forces (focus on Gravity) Earth and Space Properties of materials and how they change Life Cycles Forces and motion Dissolving, so,unions, reversible and irreversible changed
Art & DT Print 3d modelling  Print Painting Patterns and textures Collage
ICT E Safety 3d modelling software Coding Handling data, Research, DTP Coding Creating Multimedia
P.E. Gymnastics, bridges,
Games unit 2
Invasion, ball handling
Games unit 1
Net, court and wall games
Gymnastics , flight
Dance 1 and 2
Games unit 3,
Invasion, kicking
Dance 3 and 4,
Games unit 4,
Striking and fielding,
Gymnastics, use of limbs
Sports day practice

Year 5 – Term Curriculum Newsletter

For a more detailed view of the Year 5 curriculum coverage please download the following PDF

General Class Information

  • Homework Diaries: Please ensure that your homework is handed in on the correct day
  • P.E: Will usually be twice weekly so please ensure you have your kit with you from Monday every week
  • Drinks: Please make sure you child has a water bottle for drinking during the day
  • Coats: Please bring your coats and wellies for outdoor play in the winter months


Year 5 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Spelling  –  –  –  –  Tested and new spellings set
Spelling, Grammar, Reading rotation  –  –  Handed in  – Sent home
Numeracy  –  –  –  – Due in and homework set

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