Year 2 – Curriculum (Teacher Mr. Ferguson)

Hello children and welcome to Year 2.

As I’m sure you’ll remember, my name is Mr Ferguson and I can’t wait to see you all again in September and hear about all the fantastic experiences you’ve had over the summer.

Year 2 is a big year for us as we get to the top of Key Stage 1 and set an excellent example for the younger children to follow.

We’ve got lots of interesting themes to explore and inspiring stories to read as we travel across the five continents, from ‘The place that we live’ through to ‘Around the World’.  We’ll discover and examine a variety of fascinating wildlife during ‘Strange Creatures’ and ‘UK animals’, while our experiences of ‘Winter’ will broaden our knowledge of weather systems and seasonal change.

In Year 2 we are lucky enough to be learning French, which Madame Hay will teach each Friday and of course let’s not forget Coach Dave, who motivates us during our P.E. sessions and Mrs Court who continues to inspire us in music.

As always there’s a great deal to look forward to! See you all soon!

Curriculum Overview

Year 2 Autumn Term 1 Autumn Term 2 Spring Term 1 Spring Term 2 Summer Term 1 Summer Term 2
Theme The place we live Winter, weather, ice and snow Strange creatures The UK
(Places and Events)
The UK
Around the world in 80 days
RE The Church Christmas gifts Jewish beliefs Jesus the storyteller. Stories of love Jewish stories
Science Every day material Friction and surfaces Habitat Human Health and growth Animals Plants and growth
Art & DT Collage of local areas Drawing and mark making Printing Painting Drawing Collage
ICT  E-Safety Creating text Data logging Creating multimedia graphics and animation Data handling Audio recording, music composition
P.E. Catching and throwing / gym Making up a game / gym Dribbling hitting and kicking / dance Group games / gym Athletic skills / gym Sports day practice / Athletics

Year 2 – Term Curriculum Newsletter

For a more detailed view of the Year 2 curriculum coverage please download the following PDF

General Class Information

  • P.E: Will be on Tuesdays (with Coach Dave) and Thursdays. Please bring appropriate kit
  • Drinks: Please make sure you child has a water bottle for drinking during the day
  • Coats: Please bring your coats and wellies for outdoor play in the winter months


Year 2 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Spelling and Handwriting  –  Handwriting handed in Spelling book handed in Handwriting sent home Spellings books go home
Reading Reading books changed Reading books changed Reading books changed Reading books changed  –
Numeracy  –  – Mental maths books handed in  – Mental maths books sent home

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