Year 1 – Curriculum (Teacher Mr Bradley)

Welcome to Year 1.

I’m Mr. Bradley and I’m the teacher in Year 1. Having already met most of you, Mrs. Lawrence and myself can’t wait to see you in September and hear about your adventures over the summer holidays.

As well as our maths and literacy work, throughout the year we have some great themes to delve into, some of these being ‘People that help us’, ‘Building a home’ and ‘Under and Over the Sea’. Within our ‘Changes’ theme we’ll be looking at the Seasons and the changes they bring, as well as comparing the weather, both in the U.K. and across the world! We will also look at how things change for us, especially moving up to Year 1.

We will also have Coach Dave taking us to develop our PE skills with a range of fantastic activities and Mrs. Court with her infectious enthusiasm for our music sessions.

Curriculum Overview

Autumn Term 1 Autumn Term 2 Spring Term 1 Spring Term 2 Summer Term 1 Summer Term 2
Theme Changes People that help us Building a home Exploring nature The Lighthouse Keeper Under and over the sea
RE Baptism and Belonging Christian symbols/Christmas Love and Forgiveness/Who were the friends of Jesus – People who met Jesus Easter perspective Church as a place of worship Creation
Science Seasonal Changes Humans-parts of the body. Everyday materials Plants and their basic structure Lights Sound
Art & DT Textiles Drawing 3D models Collage Painting Printing
ICT E-safety Creating text and pictures/coding Handling data Creating sound/coding Modelling Creating multimedia, graphics and animation
P.E. Games or Gymnastics Games or Gymnastics Dance or Games Dance or Games Athletics Athletics

Year 1 – Term Curriculum Newsletter

For a more detailed view of the Year 1 curriculum coverage please download the following PDF documents:

General Class Information

  • Homework Diaries: Please ensure reading diaries are commented in.
  • P.E: Will be every Tuesday and Friday. Please make sure you have your PE Kit.
  • Drinks: Please make sure you child has a water bottle for drinking during the day.
  • Coats: Please bring your coats and boots for outdoor play in the winter months.


Year 1 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Spelling  –  – Spelling test  – Spellings set
Handwriting Home work due in  – Homework sent home  –  –
Reading Book changing Group 1 Book changing Group 2 Book changing Group 1 Book changing Group 2  –
Numeracy  – Workbook due in  – Workbook sent home  –

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