Weekly Newsletter – 31st March 2017

  Posted by: Office Team on March 30, 2017 at 3:23 pm

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Easter celebrations, it was lovely to share such a wonderful service with you.

I thought you would like to hear the wonderful news that Mrs Burchell is now a Nannie, Ralph Burchell was born on Monday 27th March, weighing 6lb 7oz ………. congratulations to all the family.

Maths Homework Survey

Key Stage 2 parents will receive a link from survey monkey about maths homework in Key Stage 2. Please click on the link to complete the survey. The survey will close when we return to school on Tuesday 18th April. We value your opinion. Thank you.

The Selfish Giant

Mr. Haslam has arranged for the Image Musical Theatre to perform ‘The Selfish Giant’ to the whole school, on the first day back, Tuesday 18th April. The cost for this is £2, please pay on parentpay. An email has been sent home.

Blue Team (Daly) and Yellow Team (Malala) win this half term.

The blue and yellow teams have gained the most Dojo points this half term and will have a treat on Friday afternoon (film and pizza).  Congratulations!

The results were as follows:

Blue (Daly) 2245 points

Green (Peake) 2111 points

Yellow (Malala) 2245 points

Red (Rowling) 2210 points

Year 2 Parents SATS Meeting

This will be held at 2.30pm on Thursday 20th April, in Mr. Fergusons room. Please join us to find out about the SATS process and how you can help your child.

Year 6 Parents SATS Meeting

This will be held at 2.30pm on Thursday 20th April, in Mr. Haslam’s room. Please join us to find out about the SATS process and how you can help your child.

Reminder: Pencil Cases for Key Stage 2 (Years 3, 4, 5, 6)

A note from the School Council, written by Mia, Maria, Will and Robert.

After Easter holidays, school councillors have consulted with Key Stage 2 students and the overwhelming majority of the children have voted for the return of the pencil case! The children are going to be provided with their own school pens but may bring in their own pencil cases. This is OPTIONAL so not all the children have to bring one- it’s up to parents. They can’t over pack it, or get a large pencil case, it has to be a reasonable size. The children can bring from home: crayons, pencils (HB) rubbers but no silly or unnecessary things.

Tuesday 11th April Community in the School Day…. From 9am.

On this day volunteers will be meeting at Lower Peover, to support ‘work around the school’. I am really grateful for those parents who have volunteered to come and help. Coach Dave has agreed to run fun activities for the children. If you are able to join us for some painting/ cleaning please let Mandy Clarke know (she is on the mums Lower Peover Facebook page).  Please bring plenty of drinks and snacks, if the weather is kind we can all have a community picnic.



Your child will soon be bringing home a packet of Smarties for them to enjoy over the Easter break… But please don’t throw away the tubes once the Smarties are finished, as this is where the fun starts!!

The aim of the game is for the children to fill their empty Smarties tubes with as many 20 pence pieces as they can, to raise money for our school. The children can then add their names and their Team Colour on the tube label.

The winning team with the most 20 pence pieces will be awarded a non-uniform day in recognition of their efforts!!

Please return all tubes to school by Friday 28th April.

The next FLPS meeting will be held at The Bells of Peover on Monday the 24th of April from 7:30pm.

We bid farewell today to Mrs Thorington, Mrs Howard, Mrs Cunliffe and Miss Robson and wish them well in their new ventures.

Please keep Mrs Howarth in your prayers, as she is still off school, following major surgery. Mr Pugh hopes to return to work after the Easter break (to a very clean and tidy school)

I hope you all have a lovely holiday

Mrs Dean