School Newsletter – 15th July 16

  Posted by: Debbie Rutter on July 17, 2016 at 12:01 pm

Mrs Burchell

A huge thank you to everyone who has donated towards Mrs Burchell’s retirement gifts.  These will be presented to her on Wednesday 20th July, during her leaver’s service in school (for staff and pupils). The gifts are still a secret at the moment- but I have been liaising closely with Mr Burchell (and family members). On my final newsletter, next week, I will hopefully be able to post a picture of Mrs Burchell with her gifts. There is still time to donate, via ParentPay, if you wish to do so.


Today, you will receive the end of year report, for your child/children. Thank you to all the staff who have spent many hours writing these reports. We do not hold an end of year parents evening, as the reports are very comprehensive. However, if you wish to talk to your class teacher, he/she will be happy to accommodate a short meeting. Please contact the office, if you wish to do so. Staff will be available on Monday, after school. The Year 6 pupils have had 1:1 meeting with Mrs. Perry to receive their SATS standardised scores- I am very proud of all the children in this age of raised expectations.

And………………. even higher expectations for Year 6 next year (see below)

Latest from the DFE (Times Tables)

Bake Sale – RSPCA

Thank you to the Year 3 group who raised £100 last week, the money has been donated to the RSPCA.

End of year treat

Everyone has worked really hard this year – therefore on Tuesday the children will have an ‘end of year’ treat. This will be for ALL children. It will remain a secret until then!

Dates for the next academic year

I am in the process of finalising dates for next year. When staff have checked them, I will send them to Mrs. Rutter to upload on the website for your information. Sometimes, due to circumstances, dates do have to be altered, but we try not to do this, as I appreciate it is difficult to accommodate child care at short notice.


Wednesday 20th July 2pm: Mrs Burchell’s service in school for pupils and staff.

Thursday 21st July 9.15 am: Year 6 leavers service (hopefully outside, if not it will be in the hall)- for anyone who wishes to join us.

Thursday 21st July 2pm: Miss Massey’s service for pupils and staff.


Sharon Dean 

Head Teacher