School Newsletter – 22 April 2016

  Posted by: Debbie Rutter on April 25, 2016 at 9:52 pm

Poetry Workshop – Matt Goodfellow

Matt Goodfellow will be visiting Lower Peover at 2.30pm on Friday 22nd April 2016 (leaflet was sent recently). If you would like your child to receive a signed copy of his new poems, please send in £6 on Friday. Thank you.

May Queen Fete – Saturday 14th May 3pm-6pm

On Wednesday, during collective worship, the following children were selected for very special roles at the May Queen Fete. The 2016 May Queens are Sidney (Year 2) and Josie (Year 6). The attendants from Year 2 are Emma and Charlotte, with Oliver P as the crown bearer. The attendants from Year 1 are Darcey and Sophie. Matthew is the crown bearer for Year 6. ALL the children will be dancing at this event. If for any reason your child cannot join us, please let the class teacher know as it has an impact on the dance chosen.

Mr Chrimes

Many of you will remember Mr Chrimes as the school caretaker. He now supports Mr Pugh in keeping the school clean. On Friday 22nd April Mr Chrimes will have worked at Lower Peover for 25 years, which is an incredible feat! I wish to thank him for his dedication to Lower Peover during this time. He is finally retiring from his role at Lower Peover on Friday 20th May. I am sure he will keep popping in!


This is a very busy term leading up to SATS in May. As always, it is important that all children attend school regularly and on time to maximize learning time. Thank you for supporting us in this.

Year 6 SATS Meeting

Mrs Perry is holding a SATS meeting on Wednesday 27th April at 2.30pm. This is to support parents in the grammar section of the SATS (a letter has already been sent)


We hope you enjoyed eating your smarties and we look forward to receiving your filled containers. Thank you.


The newsletter is early this week as on Friday I am in Chester at HQ.

Sharon Dean
Head Teacher