School Newsletter – 18th March 16

  Posted by: Debbie Rutter on March 19, 2016 at 8:47 am

Governor Collective Worship – written by Ella Lawson

Everyone walked in the hall and we started by singing our Easter song ‘At the Cross’. The governor (Mr. Tim Knowles) came in to talk about geography, environment and wild life. We focused on 3 different countries, Chili, Latvia and Kenya. We found out about penguins, alpacas, elephants, rhinoceros and cheetahs. At the top of Chili, it is a very hot desert and in the South its very cold and icy, it is very close to Antarctica. Mr. Tim Knowles answered our questions, then we walked out very quietly.

Note from Mrs. Dean: Would anyone like to come in and lead a collective worship for us, about any interest or profession? If so, please get in touch.

Governor Report – Martin Hughes

Hi everyone, my name is Martin Hughes and I am a governor at the school. I am key stage 2 liaison governor and one of my duties is to visit each class in key stage 2 (years 3, 4, 5, and 6) in order to liaise with the teacher and pupils and to observe lessons. In February I visited year 6 and spent a morning with them.

I am very grateful to Mrs. Perry and Year 6 for welcoming me to their classroom and for making my visit so varied and interesting. I don’t remember school being so much fun! The lesson was on grammar and punctuation and I must firstly apologise if this report is not up to scratch in those respects (thank goodness for ‘spell checker’).

The lesson revolved around ‘expanded noun phrases’ and ‘prepositions’. For those lacking in grammatical knowledge – including myself – a preposition is a phrase which does not include a verb. For example, ‘the seagull on the roof’ as opposed to ‘the seagull SITTING on the roof’, which is a clause (I hope I got that correct Mrs. Perry?). The children were given various tasks including creating prepositions and expanded noun phrases and this was done in conjunction with their termly theme of ‘River Deep Mountain High’ and in particular with the story of ‘King Kong’, whereby the children were given text and pictures to study and they had to decipher which story it was.

The lesson lasted for 90 minutes but was over in a flash. The children were very fully engaged and interested and displayed very good behaviour throughout. Mrs. Perry kept their attention focused and was very animated and energetic.

Mrs. Perry together with Mrs. Maddock is the Maths lead teacher for the school. She has been working in conjunction with Mrs. Maddock to list new resources to cover the maths curriculum based around ‘Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract’ maths and is hoping to create a basket of maths resources which will sit on each table in each classroom which will cover every child’s needs. Many of these items will be ‘make your own’ and she is hoping for volunteers in the future to help create these resources.

Mrs Perry is also looking at introducing pre-teaching sub groups for children who need extra help, which would involve taking a small group of children out of the classroom environment and tutoring them on those problematic subjects so that they would have a ‘heads-up’ on future lessons.

Once again I must thank Year 6 and Mrs Perry for such an interesting and stimulating morning and I very much look forward to future visits.

Dates for next week

• Monday 21st March: Easter disco- please book on parentpay
• Tuesday 22nd: Parents Evening 1
• Tuesday 22nd March: Governors finance, building and staffing committee meeting 4.00pm
• Wednesday 23rd March: 9.15 am Easter service in church- please join us.


Best Wishes for a lovely weekend,

Sharon Dean
Head Teacher