School Newsletter – 4th March 16

  Posted by: Debbie Rutter on March 7, 2016 at 11:33 am

Mrs Burchell

After many years working at Lower Peover Primary School, Mrs Burchell has decided to retire (August 2016) to start a new chapter of her life. Mrs Burchell has been dedicated to Lower Peover for many years (I won’t embarrass her by saying how many!) and this will be reflected in the ‘send off’ we give her in the summer (this is a secret at the moment!).  I am informing you at this stage as the Governors have plans in place for advertising the deputy headteacher position at the end of this month.


The traffic at the bottom of The Cobbles is becoming an increasing problem, with traffic on route to Knutsford. I have spoken to Kelly, our local community police officer about my concerns. Her advice is that if you have a worry please call 101 to report any incident. The more people who call will create action by the police.

Health and Safety

For safety reasons please do not bring cars around the front loop of the school at the end of the day. Please park at the back of school and collect your child from the front of school.

School Bus

If your child isn’t going home on the bus and it is a different routine to usual, please can you call the school office to let us know- thankyou.

British Values Day – Thurs 10th March (an overview)

Year 6 will focus on ‘The Journey of Liberty’ to tie in with the current book focus of ‘King Kong’ and one of its setting New York. We will incorporate learning about the values of individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of others. This will be done through research and art based lessons focusing on fighting to overcome oppression within America at this time. We will study the figures Martin Luther King and Barack Obama whilst also looking into the history of Ellis Island, the statue of liberty, the sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi and the builder Gustave Eiffel.

Linked to our Topic – the novel Street Child – Year 5 will explore the life and legacy of a major figure in British history and our social landscape – Dr Barnardo.  Through the novel and Dr Barnardo, we will focus on mutual respect and individual liberty as our main British values.  This will build on the research and art work begun in the second Spring half term with Mrs Lambert.

For the British Value Day year 4 will be using Winston Churchill as the focus and drive of their work.  His influence during World War 2 and beyond will be assessed to understand how it has shaped our lives today.  Various aspects of the British values will be covered such as ‘Mutual respect’ and ‘Tolerance of difference faiths’.  There will be a large piece of work produced containing input from all the pupils for display.

Year 3: For our study of British Values we will be exploring the key value of Mutual respect and how we should celebrate the diversity within our society. We will discuss how mutual respect is when different people may not agree on everything but they don’t get upset over little things but are willing to work things out because they care for the other.

Children will have the opportunity to explore the similarities and differences between themselves and others and create a class book which celebrates these differences. This will also link to this term’s book ‘The Lost Thing’ where we will explore the themes of what it means to be different and to stereotype as well as how being part of a diverse society is exciting. We will finally look at how Martin Luther King led non-violent protests to fight for the rights of all people including African Americans. He hoped that America and the world could become a colourblind society where race would not impact a person’s civil rights. We will learn how he is considered one of the great inspirational speakers of modern times.

Year 2, our learning will help children understand the importance of the tolerance towards those of different faiths and beliefs, and to have mutual respect for everybody. Children will learn about the story of a very brave lady from the past, Rosa Parks. We will empathise with her situation, and think about why she finally decided to make a stand. Children will find out about how the world we live in has not always been nearly as fair as it is now, and how incredible people like Rosa have had an impact on the laws, and attitudes of the whole world.

Year 1 will look at British Values and how they are apparent throughout the school; school rules, school council and how we treat each other.  We will examine various Roald Dahl characters through short extracts of their stories and decide whether or not they demonstrate good British Values. We will discuss which values each character displays and sort accordingly.

Reception will learn about The British value of law through a visit from the community police officer, looking at the children’s cartoon ‘Paw Patrol’ and our own school rules.

World Book Day – Photo competition

There have been some wonderful entries for the world book day photo competition- thank you. The winner is: a joint picture with Luke Dennis and Edward Webb reading down ‘Alderley Edge’ copper mines. They have both received a book from the book fair. The winning photo was selected by Mr Alun McIntyre, Trustee and Governor of Lower Peover School. In addition, a class winner for world book day was picked and they have chosen a book too.


The Judo demonstration in school was a huge success, the children loved it. If you wish to book a place, please return the form with payment asap. Thank you.

Sport Relief Update

Thank you to the parents/carers who have already donated to ‘sport’s relief’. Good luck to Hermione and Demi, who will complete their first run this weekend. If you or your child would like to sponsor the girls in support of Sports Relief, you can donate some money on PARENTPAY.


If your child is absent, please can you call the school office before 8.30 am, so that admin can inform the class teachers. Thank you.

School Uniform

Over the last few months we’ve been working to get an additional branded uniform provider on board in addition to our current provider, Schoolstyle, to provide more choice for parents. The new provider is Tesco (Florence and Fred) and our school’s page on their website is now live and ready to take orders. Our school website will be updated to include this link. You can order both branded (i.e. with the school logo) and plain uniform (only items in stock will be shown on the website). If you want to see a sample, the office has an embroidered sweatshirt which you can look at. Unfortunately, Tesco do not offer ties or water bottles – these are available from the school office (ties are on ParentPay) or from Schoolstyle.

Parents Evening Reminder (please book if you haven’t already done so and wish to have an appointment)

There are two parents’ evenings allocated during this half term. Tuesday 22nd March and Thursday 31st March. We are now using an online system for appointments. Due to the commitments of the teachers it is essential we keep appointments to these two days. Appointments will not be allocated on other days.  This system is now live. Please go to the following page to book your appointment.


Best Wishes for a lovely weekend,

Sharon Dean 

Head Teacher