School Newsletter – 12 Feb 2016

  Posted by: Debbie Rutter on February 12, 2016 at 1:20 pm

Red team

Congratulations to the red team who have won the weekly team points the most this half term. They will be rewarded with a non- uniform day on Friday 26th February.

Bake Sale – Friday 26th February

Mackenzie Culliford will be leading a bake sale on this day. Cakes will be sold during the afternoon (2.30pm) at a cost of 50p. This is a whole school event.

World Book Day Competition – Thursday 3rd March

The theme for the competition is ‘a picture of your child/ren reading in an unusual place’. Please send your picture entry to your class teacher by Thursday 3rd March. We would like to retain the picture in school, to make a display. Thank you.

Preparation for World Book Day – Thursday 3rd March

On this day we ask the children to dress up to come to school (if they wish). Each class has chosen a book/ favourite author to concentrate on. The children may dress up in a character from the book the class are looking at, or a character of their own choice. The children may also bring in their favourite book to share with class members. I will send details about the book fair later, thank you to Mrs Kathy McIntyre for arranging this.

A note from the class teachers……

Reception will look at the ‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddell and other books by the same author.

Year 1 will be looking at Roald Dahl. They will read ‘The Twits’ during the day and the children will create some writing and artwork based on the book.

Year 2 will be reading The Twits. They will be looking at all the amazing vocabulary in the story and using ideas to write descriptions of characters. Children will then use their imagination to come up with their own ghastly tricks to play on Mr and Mrs Twit!

Year 3 In celebration of one of our favourite book studies this year, Year 3 will be invited to dress as characters from ‘Leon and the Place Between’ by Graham Baker-Smith. Set in a circus, come as a favourite act. Alternatively, you could be the adventurous Leon or the mysterious magician Abdul Kazam! Do you dare to re-enter the place between?

Year 4 For this year’s ‘World Book Day’ we plan to focus upon ‘The Butterfly Lion’ by Michael Morpurgo.  Aside from a whole class guided reading session we will discuss prominent events within the text whilst identifying unfamiliar words.  A range of activities will follow such as writing a diary entry, creating a list of arguments ‘for’ and ‘against’ Bertie’s family keeping the lion cub and maybe some drama to re-enact events.

Year 5 will be focusing on the novel ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’. The book follows the story of a boy from England who tries to sail around the work with his parents, only to find himself shipwrecked and seemingly alone on a desert island.

Year 6 will be choosing a book to read over the holidays – a book they would like to ‘recommend to a friend’. After the holidays the children will be writing and publishing a book review about it and researching a chosen author. They will be finding out about what inspires them, how and where they write. They will take part in the World book day quiz and design a world book day token to enter the national competition.

Fairtrade Fortnight

This will start on Monday 22nd February for two weeks.

Reception will be introduced to the idea of fair trade by looking for symbols on different foods and watching a video about ‘Pablo the super banana’ (explaining the journey of a banana from Columbia.) To make links with other areas of learning, the children will look at different countries, their flags, foods and traditions. They will also take this opportunity to discuss healthy foods and create our own plates of food. In addition, the children will use some fair trade ingredients to follow and make a recipe. To support our learning, could we please ask for any labels or packaging that show the fair trade logo (if possible, showing the food and the country it was from.) Thank you

Year 1 will be looking at the journey of a banana, sequencing pictures and text before using ICT to create a comic strip of the journey. The children will be making links to healthy eating and the children will create and label a healthy meal before exploring which food could be fair trade.

Year 2 children will be finding out what Fairtrade is all about and why it is so important to support farmers in other countries. Children will use maps to locate the countries involved, and learn about the climates and lifestyles of people there. Links to science will also be made as we try to grow our very own cotton plants in the classroom. The children will read a selection of information leaflets and identify the main features of non-fiction texts, then children go on to produce their own non-fiction writing on Fairtrade. They will learn poems about Fairtrade and practice performing them. Number skills will be developed through Fairtrade related word problems.

Year 3 will examine how and where cocoa is grown, harvested and processed to make chocolate. They will discover the different people involved in this process and begin to understand the nature and impact of power imbalances in the cocoa chain supply. Children will discuss and debate whether Fairtrade is making a difference to cocoa farmers. In addition the children will look at how Fairtrade impacts on the lives of cotton farmer and will design our own cotton socks!

Year 4 children will be taking part in an array of lessons devoted to the topic of ‘Fairtrade’. Geographical enquiry and skills will be used to develop knowledge and the understanding of places, patterns and processes, environmental change and sustainable development. Children will record the process of growing banana/cocoa on their own before acting out the sequence to the class. Further geography skills will be applied when identifying and describing what places are like and use the appropriate language.
English skills will be utilised in the analysis of a short non-fiction text about Fairtrade through the examination of its features before discussing Fairtrade and introducing new vocabulary such as middle-man, poverty, working conditions and developing country. Sequencing of events and the creation of a clear structure of writing will also be developed.

The development of music and dance will also be incorporated into our Fairtrade lessons to encourage understanding, discussion and expression through music and dance of how Fairtrade makes a difference to poor farming communities. The discussion of the lyrics in songs throughout an activity will aim to develop actions which define the meanings of new words and terms. Year 4 will also be using Fairtrade ingredients to create various ‘nibbles’ in a mock café ready for their parent’s arrival to sample the delicious treats!!!!!

Year 5 will link their general topic of Deserts and Tropical Lands of the World to locate where Fair Trade bases its work and how it helps different types of communities.  Linking to their Science topic of Life Cycles, Year 5 will explore how fair trade ensures the preservation of natural habitats for protected species and how different climates are suitable for growing different crops.  In Literacy we will explore different kinds of writing through Fair Trade literature, including Persuasive and Explanation writing.  In Maths we will explore measures in context by looking at the growing, selling and distribution of cocoa beans. We will use our learnt skills to write persuasive letters inspired by the work we have done.  We will also explore other aid and charity agencies that work around the world, including the Red Cross and the Red Crescent.

Year 6 will be exploring what kinds of Fairtrade products are available to buy and locating where in the world they come from. In Literacy, we will look at the features of a flow chart and create our own to record the process of growing and transporting bananas. We will play the ‘Banana Split’ game in which we will look at the distribution of the market share of a banana. This will involve various maths skills, such as working out percentages and drawing and interpreting pie charts. We will then ‘hotseat the various roles (producer, shopkeeper, transporter etc) and ask challenging questions. We will explore the positive effect the Fairtrade and investment scheme have had on small scale farmers, through reading and sharing some case studies. In Art, we will design and print our own Fairtrade T-shirts to wear whilst filming our own TV adverts encouraging others to ‘Swap their shop’ and teaching people how to go about it. Additionally, even our PE will get the Fairtrade feeling. We will be playing a Fairtrade memory game involving a running relay shopping task.

School Council

Members of the school council will complete an audit of the school using questionnaires for pupils, parents, staff, governors and even the catering manager. We will then use these to help to devise a school Fairtrade policy.

Good to be Green Rewards

In line with school policy the children who have remained ‘Good to be Green’ for the whole half term are rewarded with a treat. After discussions with staff, we have decided to have a whole school movie afternoon. This will be on Friday 12th February at 1.30pm.

E Safety (keeping safe in the digital world) – Thursday 25th February at 1.45pm
Thank you for the responses to this event. Please email me if you would like to attend and have not yet registered your interest.

Growing up

These talks have been arranged for the Year 5 and 6 children on Friday 26th February. Please can I urge you to return your consent forms please? Thank you.

Bibles – Reception and Year 3 children

The children in Reception and Year 3 will be presented with their Bibles on Wednesday 24th February. Thank you to Rev. Jane Lloyd for arranging this.

Parent Helper’s

We are grateful for all the support we receive in school. We ask all staff and volunteers to sign a visitor’s code of conduct and an ICT agreement. If you haven’t yet signed these, the forms can be collected from the office.

Governor Monitoring

Mr Hughes (parent Governor) has visited school on three occasions during this half term. He has spent time in Years 3, 4 and 5. He will report his findings to the Governing Body. I am pleased to inform you that he has definitely improved his marking skills!

Best Wishes for a lovely half term and we look forward to seeing you on Monday 22nd February.

Sharon Dean
Head Teacher