End of Year

  Posted by: Debbie Rutter on July 18, 2013 at 3:08 pm

To achieve a grade of outstanding under the new OFSTED inspection framework shows the dedication of all my staff to raising and maintaining progress and standards.

To be followed by an outstanding judgement in the ‘Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools’ (SIAMS) and a gold award from Religious Education Quality Mark is the ‘icing on the cake’ for an extremely successful year.

Staff Changes

We say goodbye to Miss Mercer, who has accepted a post at Woodlands Primary School in Ellesmere Port and wish her well in her career. Mrs Train has accepted her first teaching post at Holmes Chapel Primary School and I congratulate her on completing a successful ‘Graduate Teaching Placement’ at Lower Peover Primary School. We welcome Miss Wardley to the post of Year 3 teacher.


A HUGE thank you to everyone who has led FLPS fundraising this year. The range of events has meant that there has something for everyone. Please note the family fun night as the final event (details sent home via the weekly owl).  I have arranged for a coffee afternoon, in school, at 2pm on Thursday 12th September. I would like to invite EVERYONE who is involved with FLPS, or who would like to be involved with FLPS to this meeting to discuss the future of FLPS. Please join me.

Associate School Improvement Advisor

I have been offered a position as an ‘Associate School Improvement Advisor’ with the Local Authority from September 2013. During the Year I will be absent from school for at least 30 days, during this time Mrs Burchell will be fulfilling my role  and Mrs Broadbent will be teaching the Year 4 children. I am excited about this new position and Lower Peover will benefit from my experience of visiting other schools and the payment made by the Local Authority to Lower Peover for every day I work.

Holidays/ INSET days/ Dates

I have received a few letters following the latest Government directive concerning children not being able to have time off schools for holidays. I am unable to authorise any time off school and if children do take holidays during school time the Local Authority will impose a fine ( £60 per child) INSET days are 5 additional days for teacher training .No more than 2 INSET days can be allocated together. The first day in September is set by the Government, Friday 18th October is allocated in discussions with all the other school in our cluster, Monday 6th January has been allocated for staff training, Thursday 22nd May is a polling day so the school is closed ( we have allocated as an INSET day to ensure parents do not have to arrange child care for an additional day), June 18th is Cheshire Show day and it has always been tradition for Lower Peover to use this day as an INSET day for staff to write reports. As I can no longer authorise time off school for the Cheshire Show, having an INSET on this day will avoid any fines.


Please order any uniform from ‘my school style’.



Due to health and safety dogs are not allowed on school premises at any time.

Dinners/Healthy Snacks

Dinners are £2.20 from September; please check the website for details. Children may only bring healthy snacks to school, (not chocolate). Snacks are available to purchase at break time for the Key Stage 2 children and snacks for the Key Stage 1 children are arranged through the class teacher and paid for on parentpay. Children in Key Stage 1 may have fruit juice, milk or/and fruit. We also encourage children to have a water bottle in school.


Dates for next year

I have completed an overview of dates for the next academic year and hope to have this on the website during the next week. http://www.lowerpeover.cheshire.sch.uk/calendar

Finally, thank you for all your support during the last year. I wish you all a happy and safe summer holiday and look forward to seeing you all again on Tuesday 3rd September.